Bikram malati

Bikram malati

Bikram malati an actor Hindi Nepalese his YouTube channel Bikram malati show his debut film krodh release on (2019) short film director Hindi lengunge web series film best short film aaward winning in ( 2019 )

Malati is a film actor film released in (2019) krodh short film director actor film mekar (2019) best short film

Bikram Malati is a big YouTuber and his company name is also Bikram Malati show Bikram Malati has also been a good blogger

The income of Malati's webseries Bikram Malati show is also good, this show was released on 2018 when this idea got a big series YouTube in Malti's mind

Bikram Malati's dream was that he became an actor because he had to see it all, that too is no work, so his hard work brought color

Bikram Malati also has a website which will be made Bikram Malati Official in 2018.

Bikram Malati has also got knowledge in technology, he can Reaper of any kind of thing

Geboren: 12 juli 2003 (leeftijd 18)
Geboorteplaats: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

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