Seizoen 1 van Gentefied

2020 | 10 Afleveringen


  • Poster aflevering 1 'Casimiro' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    1. Casimiro

    21 februari 2020

    As their abuelo struggles to make rent on his Boyle Heights taco shop, aspiring chef Chris, artist Ana and father-to-be Erik face tough decisions.

  • Poster aflevering 2 'Bail Money' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    2. Bail Money

    21 februari 2020

    Erik wrestles with his pride as he tries to round up $4K in bail money before the baby's ultrasound. Ana hits up her Instagram followers for work.

  • Poster aflevering 3 'Bad Hombres' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    3. Bad Hombres

    21 februari 2020

    Chris urges Pop to spice up the menu with a taco of the week and goes all out to prove he's a true Mexican. Erik takes Lidia out for a fancy dinner.

  • Poster aflevering 4 'Unemployed AF' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    4. Unemployed AF

    21 februari 2020

    Pop tries to pull Chris out of a downward spiral, Erik asks Yessika for help saving the shop, and Ana scores a lucrative gig at a grown-up party.

  • Poster aflevering 5 'The Mural' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    5. The Mural

    21 februari 2020

    Ana's mural celebrating brown love stirs up strong feelings in the neighborhood. Chris and Erik butt heads over how to bring in new customers.

  • Poster aflevering 6 'The Grapevine' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    6. The Grapevine

    21 februari 2020

    Struggling to make ends meet in the mariachi band, Javier considers leaving LA with son Danny, who's in the throes of his first big crush.

  • Poster aflevering 7 'Brown Love' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    7. Brown Love

    21 februari 2020

    Nayeli interviews Ana and Yessika for school, a change in the shop's decor hits Casimiro hard, and Erik searches for a chance to pop the question.

  • Poster aflevering 8 'Women's Work' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    8. Women's Work

    21 februari 2020

    Ana's mom, Beatriz, reaches her breaking point when conditions at her job go from bad to worse. Nayeli hatches a plan to get to Bakersfield.

  • Poster aflevering 9 'Protest Tacos' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    9. Protest Tacos

    21 februari 2020

    When Yessika threatens to protest the food tour, Erik and Chris come up with a creative solution — and Ana finds herself caught in the middle.

  • Poster aflevering 10 'Delfina' van seizoen 1 van Gentefied

    10. Delfina

    21 februari 2020

    Eric rushes Lidia to the hospital, Ana races to create a "statement piece" for her art show, and big news upends the family's plans for the future.

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