Seizoen 1 van Patria

2020 | 8 Afleveringen


  • Poster aflevering 1 'Octubre Benigno' van seizoen 1 van Patria

    1. Octubre Benigno

    27 september 2020

    Following Basque separatist group ETA’s historic ceasefire, Bittori returns to her hometown demanding answers about her late husband Txato’s unresolved murder.

  • Poster aflevering 2 'Encuentros' van seizoen 1 van Patria

    2. Encuentros

    27 september 2020

    Bittori is visited by her son Xabier and daughter Nerea, who come bearing surprising news. Meanwhile, though their parents no longer speak, an encounter at the hospital reunites Xabier with Miren and Joxian's daughter Arantxa, providing him an opportunity to return something... lees verder

  • Poster aflevering 3 'Últimas Meriendas' van seizoen 1 van Patria

    3. Últimas Meriendas

    04 oktober 2020

    With Joxe Mari the subject of a massive police hunt, Miren turns to the only person she can trust--Bittori--but unintentionally divulges Txato's secret in the process. Meanwhile, as Nerea and her friends are confronted by the police, Txato and Bittori navigate the fallout of... lees verder

  • Poster aflevering 4 'Txato, Entzun, Pim, Pam, Pum' van seizoen 1 van Patria

    4. Txato, Entzun, Pim, Pam, Pum

    11 oktober 2020

    While local resentment towards Txato reaches a fever pitch, Joxe Mari's shadowy ETA superiors enlist him to execute a series of hits. Later, news of Txato's murder breaks, and a devasted Bittori's grief deepens as she's warned against having his funeral in town, while Joxian... lees verder

  • Poster aflevering 5 'El País de los Callados' van seizoen 1 van Patria

    5. El País de los Callados

    18 oktober 2020

    Arantxa’s budding friendship with Bittori drives her to go behind her mother’s back and reach out to Joxe Mari with an urgent request.

  • Poster aflevering 6 'Episode 6' van seizoen 1 van Patria

    6. Episode 6

    25 oktober 2020

  • Poster aflevering 7 'Episode 7' van seizoen 1 van Patria

    7. Episode 7

    01 november 2020

  • Poster aflevering 8 'Episode 8' van seizoen 1 van Patria

    8. Episode 8

    08 november 2020

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