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    1. Apart

    22 juli 2021

    One in 14 American children will experience the incarceration of a parent, and 2.7 million children have a parent in prison right now. This introspective portrait of loss intertwined with moments of joy reminds us of the forgotten consequences of the criminal justice system – the... lees verder

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    2. Uprooted

    29 juli 2021

    Since 2016, millions of people in the United States have been displaced by weather-related disasters that are occurring more frequently and with greater intensity. Two children in Iowa face the loss of their family farm due to climate change, while a third in Texas waits for her... lees verder

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    3. Homefront

    05 augustus 2021

    In the US, more than three million children live in homes with servicemembers and veterans who rely on caregiver support. Gabby, Terry, and Luther all have parents who were injured while serving, and each family has found a way to heal the wounds of war.

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    4. Shelter

    12 augustus 2021

    The homelessness crisis can feel distant until seen through a child’s eyes. Shelter follows 3 unhoused children and their parents in L.A. as they seek steady shelter.

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